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A Norwich rapper with paranoia, depression and emotionally unstable personality disorder has revealed his experience behind bars and how his relationship with music pulled him through his darkest time.

Under the name Creepzz, Shane Harvey creates original tracks and collaborates with artists from London to Africa. Creepzz relapsed and was then moved to a psychiatric hospital for three years and was placed on life-long medication which prevents him from working, Shane Harvey, who now lives in Lowestoft, brings together music for a global audience drawing from his experience in jail and his time in a psychiatric hospital.

At the age of 15, he was sent to prison for robbery, after he was released, he re-offended on a dangerous weapon charge by wounding with intent and was sent back to prison.

Now aged 25, 'Being in prison as a kid wasn't the best experience when you have never been in that situation before. 'But to be honest, you have to get through the struggle and cope whichever way helps you and you feel comfortable doing whatever, whether that's writing music, lashing out or staying calm and relaxed.'I don't advise kicking off because I spent weeks and months on end in solitary confinement which is not healthy for anybody - you get treated like an animal.'

While he was behind bars, Creepzz was soaking up his surroundings to pull together lyrics - a strategy he had used for comfort since he was aged eight.

But his mental health deteriorated while he was in prison, and he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia - a chronic mental disorder where people lose touch with reality, Shane Harvey was then sent back to another psychiatric hospital for further treatment.

'Being in hospital at first it was really weird, some people there were just not meant to be in the community. So much stuff happened in there that I just don't want to mention just because it was so bad,'

Creepzz has now officially been released as of last year and is now working towards more collaborations and shows in the this year and hopes anyone dealing with their mental health will speak out.

'Anybody can battle anything, they just have to have a strong mind and ask for help. You have to be strong minded and powerful enough to ask for help.'

Don't forget to check his latest music video on youtube under creepzzVEVEO also you can follow creepzz and his journey on all social media and digital music streaming and download stores. APPLE MUSIC:


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