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We all know that there’s no better feeling than doing something to help someone out. Hell, we do it everyday here at We are Hummingbird.

We have recently registered as a non-profit organisation (Company Number: 12550589) specialising in Mental Health Awareness, support and help and by using the platform of music to engage with a national demographic who may otherwise not have been able to associate with another service. We create a safe and judgement-free platform for people to talk and open up.

We have been doing this for 4 years now, whilst juggling full-time jobs and without any income or financial backing. We have always been serious but with the recent launch of a new website and brand, we are now stepping it up another level. But this is where we need help. As a very small non-profit, it is incredibly difficult to get grants when you have such a low financial balance. We have had knockbacks from smaller grant-giving bodies, not due to a fault of our own but just because of their own financial circumstances.

Cue the Dragons Den pitch:

We are looking for ‘investment’ of around £14,000 in order to help us purchase the equipment we need, in order to keep doing what we are doing – and more. We are more than happy to show you our shopping list if there should be anything on there that you’d like to purchase for us, rather than a monetary donation.

In return for any kind of donation, be it £5, £50 or £5000, we can offer you 100% of our appreciation forever, knowing that you helped create (eventually) one of the UK’s biggest mental health charities. Yes, we are deadly serious about that!! We will also sing your praises on our website / Social media. Who doesn’t love free advertising, right!?

If you want evidence of what we have done and what we have planned, we have a PDF ready and waiting to send out to you – should you need some convincing.

Should you want a discussion around any of this, please feel free to email us at

If you want to do just one good thing today, please share this to as many people as you can. Karma is great.

Team We are Hummingbird. X


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