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Welcome to We are Hummingbird V2!

As you grow, so have we.

If you'd have asked us 4 years ago what we would be doing today, we wouldn't have had a clue. We were riding by the seat of our pants and just going with the flow. We KNEW we needed to do something - and something we were doing, but we had no plan. Just a need.

With continued support from our family, friends and community we knew we were doing something right - so we plodded on.

Fast forward 3 years and we started to take things a lot more serious. We brought onboard Ian Hurst who came under the We are Hummingbird umbrella and started We are Hummingbird Health, delivering Mental Health First Aid and Suicide First Aid. This was the first time we had a solution to the mental health problems that we were facing. Not only were we braking the stigma but we also had a way of trying to solve it.

Ian says:

"I was previously in a really cutthroat environment where everyone was in it for themselves. But now, I look at things differently. When it comes to mental health I’d rather have four experts overlapping their work so that no one slips through the gaps, rather than people claiming their patch or being territorial about the work.”

Today, as a non-profit organisation and as our presence continues to expand with the introduction of Instagram and Facebook music takeovers and Instagram Live interviews, we felt as though this was the time to up our game. The last brand had served us well for 4 years but we needed to future-proof it and it now needed to reflect us as a community. It's bold. It's striking. It makes an impact - which is exactly what we are doing.

We have also updated the website to reflect this. You will see that we have a whole new Help & Resources page filled with fantastic content that is at your fingertips whenever you need it. This will be updated regularly so keep checking back. A way to donate to has been added. We have had several requests from people asking how they could donate (which is incredibly humbling - Thank you) and as we are now set up as a non-profit organisation, we are able to accept these.

Finally, we have added a blog. We know how powerful these can be and it's a great way to keep you up to date with what we are doing and what we have coming up. So keep checking back as we aim to keep these updated as regularly as we can too.

We appreciate your feedback / thoughts / messages of encouragement so keep them coming. Thank you for your continued support.


John, Karl & Ian



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